Students in class

Welcome to Masada Charter School, organized as a Nonprofit Organization to respond to the impending needs of residents with families and children. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for our students to develop their learning skills and be motivated to use them continually in their lives through the close involvement of parents and the use of the most current learning technology. These means will lead to comprehensively literate self-fulfilled individuals who will benefit the community.

Masada Charter School implements a standards-based curriculum through a teaching approach that recognizes and promotes the individual and is founded in brain-compatible learning. We focus our curriculum around comprehensive literacy and numeracy. Literacy and numeracy provide a framework by which to integrate basic skills into all subject areas. Also, included in the curriculum is an emphasis on learning technology. The staff understands that each child is unique and has power to learn. Their goal is to unleash the learning power of students.

Because learning is brain compatible, every student has the opportunity to work within their own learning style as well as a chance to expand beyond their own comfort levels. The learning/teaching environment incorporates hands-on activities, collaborative work, community/parent involvement, technology, and any instructional strategies which we know prove to be "best-practice teaching" to produce powerful teaching and learning. For more information, please view the following links: